Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Miss to Fly!

Stepping stairs to the ground just now, 
Making me feel the air, 
the air that i know exactly I could not resist it all.
The air which spoils me with harmony of peace,
The air which becomes soft and calm wind,
The air which makes my blood sings and dances non stop!
Aarghh.. Absolutely I miss to fly! 

But, my wings are broken still, so i force my feet to touch the earth with no exception nor mercy. Missed to fly. If you lost your prominent ability, to fly, why do you stand still? 
Why can't I surrender? 
Why do i do questioning and hoping that will be bright future later on, my wings will recover and...
Enough, i don't have a dare to end my journey just like that, now next chapter, what have i seen while i tried to heal my own wound wobbly just now?

Abandoned Swings, well maybe i could use you as my first point before flying! Yooohooo... as catapult!
Ball Web, Where is Mrs. Spider? I wanna visit your web for once even there is no way out..

Why do they keep together in difficulties like that? Collecting rubish and flies bother them all day! The old bike become witness for their quite string relation. Shared b'fast with them and saw their smiles were touchable. 

I missed to jump from tree to tree and played with leaves up there. 
Yes, I miss to fly like crazy. 

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