Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sat Morning Again

This morning i looked for breakfast, when i walked.
An old woman, just sit in that chair, paralyzed then asked me to come to her. I did.
She told about her story, she became so weak now, couldn't walk anymore, her husband always upset because her condition, her maid just run away to got married.
She thought i am a maid too, she asked me to be her maid or just looked for someone that could help her in her house. I saw her crying. Her house full of tiredness condition, her husband and her son was ignoring her. I'll do my best to help her.

Suddenly in my head, i remember my granny and my Mama.
My granny is going to be like a child now,
My Mama still in her best health, i hope so always,

but time never stop.
God Cs, please allow me to make them happy, 
I don't want to see their driblet of tear, never!!

Allow me please.
Thanks God Cs.

Debby's speaking.
Sat morning, May 12.

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