Sunday, September 11, 2016

Another Weekend In The Desert

Again.. :)
I passed another weekend in this desert of Western Australia!
All you can do in this quite and peaceful place are:

1. Knowing your self better

I know i amnot Alcholic... errr on weekdays

2. Keep positive thinking "How lucky you are"
Yeah, i am so lucky ever tasted Balls of CAMEL! whaat???

3. Admiring the nature and surrondings detail
Hmm.. today the sky is feeling blue

Why are you sweating beautiful flowers? :P

Wait.. how strong that old car driving thousand kms!

4. Be your self or anyone is up to you! 
Ja..ja.. i could be the participant and the judge it self of my own imperfect cooking :P

Judge: Just a soup, not bad, rate 3 of 5!

Participant: Just the soup with capsicum omellete  and served with rice! Judge: Ok, rate 3.5 of 5 ....

Participant: my simply preparation of oriental Fried rice

Judge: It is totally.... NOT BAD ;)


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