Sunday, October 29, 2017

Nipah Beach, Lombok

Lombok, a very beautiful island that a "MUST" visit for anybody, wonderful contour of nature. This island provides what you want to see in nature, pretty beaches with their own sands, stones, waves and the green hills around them. This season i would tell the story about when i stumbled in small beach around Senggigi beach, it is Nipah beach.

I choose this hut, because it is very quite in Tuesday afternoon.
a hut
 Enjoying me time is really wow yeah!
happy feet
ordering spicy Seafood and water spinach in term for making my tummy happy now with the wonderful view, it's a blessed.
Total for altogether was 45,000 IDR, less than 10 US$

Took a walk to find any secret stories around and i found these:
Captain Hook stranded for treasures

Whoops golden leaves tree!! Smeee...

Abandoned Greeny Fish Net

Golden leaves tree waiting the rain to say hi to her :)
 Enjoying my day in this beach till i back home wet all body because of the storm, i don't feel the regret at all. Once again, thank you.

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