Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Aisle

This is story about The Aisle and Sia*.

The Aisle, is a witness for Sia and her chosen one to commit be partners till death coming for pick up and drop off. 
The Aisle, is a crazy place, where Sia feels very sick because her heart beats too fast and uncontrollable like the blood in the body confused where to go.
The Aisle, is a weirdo place, what the hell people staring at her when all she wants only to run with the chosen one and escape from all the ceremonial.
The Aisle, is full of whispering promises about the life after leaving The Aisle.
The Aisle, is again a witness for Sia's getting her tied gift, a terrific twinkle twinkle glowing ring!

*Sia (imaginary person), this drama story came up because i just bought that diamond ring (above) just for less than 1US$
oh my my, i love it! 

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