Sunday, December 17, 2017

Me Marco Polo (Part Netherland)

On The way from Jakarta to Muscat, Oman
Me Marco Polo ?
Oh yeah babe, here i am, fly from Jakarta to Muscat, Oman to Frankfurt, Germany then Amsterdam the total destination is 16,727 kms. Back to time, I told parents about "After Australia, where else i will go? I will stay in Indonesia only." ha! I can't believe what i say.

Transit for 6 hours in Muscat, Oman and next to me is Qaboos bin Said Al Said , Sultan of Oman the leader since 1970

Now i know, when you above to the sky, the temperature will be -56 C!!

Oh Dear Debby, welcome to Arab country! YES!
I got the challenge to write my adventurous be Marco Polo day by day, and sorry i surrender. Now, the question, why the hell i become Marco Polo? 
The story starts from, hmm... i could say i had broken heart (i think), i don't want to be in Indonesia anymore, because the taste of my ex boyfriend is too solid, his shadow fulfill the places in Indonesia, from the capital city of Indonesia (Jakarta) he was there, the Goddess island (Bali) he was there, my sweet escape city (Lombok island) he was there, even into my hidden place (my home town), his perfume still around my bedroom. 

Well, the excuse above might be camouflage, i don't know what brings me till i become Marco Polo friends say. I still remember :
I was too stressful making itineraries. 
How my heart beating too fast till i want to check it to doctor .
How nervous i was before departure. 
I became shaman that knowing what the immigration officers will ask about my journey. 
Wow... very difficult to explain the feeling i have that time to imagine me to be in "only dream" continent, Europe.
Schiphol Amsterdam, beautiful busy airport 
How i missed to be in Indonesia, only 2 days left Indonesia, i still want to :
I missed to wear my sexy short! Oh Yeah Baby, i missed Sunshine!!

Brave enough to play in the river water, because in Europe i face till -6 degree in Munich (the story be continued)

Candid camera to beautiful seller of tofu in home town

Accompany Mama to buy fish for my favorite dish, "Pindang Pedes"

Very very very cheap meatball only 50 cents Dollar in home town, thats make me think twice to be Me Marco Polo

Hmm.... How yummy is it.. i wanna go home Mama !
I had very good time in Amsterdam, let the pictures tell the story them selves. 

I AM AMSTERDAM! wished less people there. lol. This photo taken in Hobbemastraat 19, 1071 XZ Amsterdam, Netherlands
City of Bicycles . I amazed with their own road for bikes. All ages have bikes! 

Tulips for sure there for you in Netherland! I visited the flower market Bloemenmarkt, Singel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Canals everywhere there, just don't be drunk or you would be swollen inside :P
Another Canal in Bloemenmarkt
Another canal, Oh Come on.. and still many more :D
First time, seeing HUGE Horses! what did they eat till they are like giant! 

Sanctuary place in the heart of city, Begijnhof, Former women's religious community, with houses; a serene courtyard dating to the 15th century.

The Oude Church, when i read article before arrival to Amsterdam, this church is spot like story in "Harry Potter". The funny thing is around this church is Red Light District, what is that? Legally Prostitutes in Amsterdam. Wow , isn't it?? 

Winter makes the tree stays bald and flat.

Holland of course will be Windmill everywhere! my host Paul took me to this windmill, and you know it's not only windmill but bar inside! it is

Not only me feel cold here, the ducks too!! O. i feel you guys :)
Cutie car! only for 2 passengers
The ducks shop somewhere in city center of Amsterdam, in a day i walked for 6 hours to see what's happening in Amsterdam. Alone is good because you are free, but it's not good because you are alone. ha!

Indonesian says riceeee, Europian people says Cheeseeeeeee 
Yeah the burger is yummy, but i miss home, i miss rice.
The pigeons in Europe continent are free and not afraid of human, look how they bow under my feet! C'mon guys i am not your queen, please... haha
Okay, the viewers, are you ready for naughty part of what I have done in Amsterdam? 
1. To Red Light District, interesting place to explore, the district have open windows and you will find all pretty girls with their sexy bikinis, do you dare to feel the sensation having delight 15 min night and it will cost 45 euro?
Photo from Google, Paul said if the guard found out you take photo, they would put your phone to the canal. For me, it's about their privacy

Peep Show in Red Light District! What is that? You enter in small cabin and put your 2 Euro in the machine and you will see random performance from the actor and actress, what's so special? the actor and actress are working in Legally prostitute!

Those performances for that night and i got the show from a couple having SEX!!!! It's new experience to see such a thing like this, thanks to my informative host Paul!
2. Taste Canabis or Weed or Marijuana or whatever you call it, but it is LEGAL in Netherland! Yes i am free man in Netherland! If you go to Coffeeshop in Netherland, what will you get is everyone smoking weed!
Our cake product contain weed! They call it SPACE CAKE, maybe after eating it, you will be in another space?
believe me, i ate all of this and still i want more. i am too curious about it.

I put yogurt on it as Paul's advice and it is yummy! I don't like the sensation of Cannabis make you, it will be sleeeeeeeeeepppppyyyyyy onlyyyyyyyyy
Hey, Rotterdam i visited you and meet my local guide, Jeff , my colleague in Australia, we worked together in Kakadu Bakery, Jabiru. A past time become present, it was nice to meet him again. All the best for your step Jeff :)
I found Rotterdam is an artistic city and quite, you can't compare to Amsterdam, true it is more modern city.
Selfie behind the funny gnome with his butt toy! Yuck! 

Marktal, the center market and Jeff said the windows around the building are apartment and they are too expensive!

The ceiling in Marktal, Rotterdam. do you see the windows there? yeap some people lived there! I wonder, so if the owner wearing short skirt, i am in the market could see the lady's underwear?
Pencil building, Blaaktoren (Het Potlood)
Cube houses, how artistic this city

Special Beer from Belgia. Why is it special? because of the taste, because of the alcohol  percentage contain in it. So, in Belgia they have small factories who produce hundred of different beers with unusual taste. I read there is special beer with chilli and pepper, err.. i rather have it for soup than beer :P

Crocket! They are yumm! Because Dutch occupied Indonesia, so we exchanged the culture too. our Nasi Goreng (Fried rice) is everywhere in Netherland, so do their crockets are in Indonesia. but to taste Crocket in their land, just amazing! those expensive crocket was 6 euro! Good Jeff paid them. haha.. thanks Jeff

Haze special! Jeff said, it will make me "high" ! Naah.. i felt sleepy only, maybe because i am not smoker

Cruise ship in Rotterdam

Me Marco Polo in Yellow Jacket, do you know that i count the people in Amsterdam wearing yellow jacket only 6 persons for 6 hours i walked there!! I am too Asia or I am too cheerful, i don't know the difference. Okay finito my journey in Amsterdam, what's next please :)

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