Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Once Upon A Time Back in Town

Once Upon A Time Back in Town, Salatiga

I know i still have pending stories about Europe and U.K, but i can't help to upload some photos of home sweet town. (Some photos below taken not only in Salatiga).
The photos divided to 4 sections:
1. Cuteness
2. Foodness
3. People
4. Others

1. Let's start from something cute like: 

Burung Puyuh - Quail birds from Semarang bus to Salatiga
Burung Puyuh (Quail birds) , i bought them from an old stranger woman in the bus to Salatiga from Semarang, Central Java.
I bought 1 box full of 18 quail birds only for 15,000 IDR (around 1 USD)

boxes full of burung puyuh, quail birds. 1 box are 18 baby birds
Don't be surprise the old stranger woman still have more boxes there, wow!
Look how cute they are, i fallen in love in first sight.

whose cat is it?
A very brave cat, sleeping on top of five star "Army General" 's car! (photo taken in Jakarta)

After seeing cat above, better watch stand up brownie dog, somewhere in Salatiga

creative tires for decoration
How creative Indonesian are, old tires became decoration in the village with the model of yellow cat there.
mom, and the children enjoying the weather in Salatiga
Protecting them.

2. The section of Foodness begin:

Putu Cake, Kue Putu Salatiga
Putu (Read: Poo-too) Cake, no no don't think its a poo just how you pronounce it. It is very yummy food favorite of typical human in Indonesia. The ingredients are rice flour, brown sugar as filling, coconut as topping and to make it smell good with Pandan leaves. It has the way to get your attention by the calling sound, "ngooongg... ngooong.." (watch the video below)

I asked the seller : "Please show us to make the sound up Sir.."

Daun Pandan, Pandan leaves
Pandan leaves for the good smell of Putu cake.

Manggosten, Manggis fruit
Manggis (Read: Mang-geez), Manggosten fruits. Thick bitter skin and big seeds will not make you surrender to taste the sweetness of Manggis.
Mie Ayam Bakso, Meat ball chicken noodle for lunch
Chicken Noodles and Meat ball for lunch is normal.

3. The section of People:   

waiting blessing from priest by the children in the isle
The children waiting in the isle for getting bless from the priest in the church

how to queue in Salatiga hospital
Too many people sick and waiting for getting the ticket number, some of them were on waiting list since 5 a.m but the doctor start working at 10 a.m! 
Jamu seller, Penjual Jamu, Herb seller
"MBOK JAMU" (Read: mm-bok Jamoo), Mbok is a call for a lady, Jamu is herb like tamarind, ginger and she processed it to you for a drink to get healthier. She would walk more than 5 kms from houses to houses for selling the herb drink.
chickens seller in Salatiga market
Chickens seller in Salatiga market. Why i could imagine the outfit of him like serial killer in thriller movie

sorry for your lost girl
A smile from a little girl who just lost her beloved one.
no more road for public for this moment because of funeral
Our solidarity are too strong in the town. Funeral session could make public road be idle.
no room for vehicles because the road are closed.
Public road were full of people send sincere condolence to the family
The video about being healthy also can be fun!

I love this video, because this little boy knows how to spend his day busy at.

4. The section of Others:   

tiny mushroom
Tiny mushrooms 

not olive, not bluberry, not grape but purple
Indonesian not familiar with olive oil or bluberry, the photo above none both of them, also it is not grape, it just "i don't know purple fruit" and you can't eat it.
guess what you could find in this photo?
Do you notice something? I'll make it clear in below photo

yes it's me, Mr. Lizard
Wallah.. it's me the lizard.
I am a dragonfly in not fly mood
Ignore me i am just hangin there..

A house in Salatiga, Tegalrejo
A house in Salatiga

Old motorbike around the green grass
Nice spot of old motorbike

weird toilet position
Do you see anything odd? not yet?

weird toilet position still
How about now? Yeap.. where is the toilet and where is the water, i think the one who use this toilet has 7 meters long of arm!

creative motorbike
If you have a child but can't afford to buy car then be creative!

adding chair in motorbike for a kid
Another seat for another child, why not?
Welcome to you rainy season 2018

Hope you could enjoy what i capture about home sweet town, Salatiga period January-February 2018.

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