Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Day has Come

Wow it's a new day after water day case ( hehe >_< ) , 
Always be sweet gal honey (Mr. Raj's advice),
Focus to work (Hana's advice), 
Focus to Healthy Diet Program (Haahaa ^o^v Debora's advice ),
Focus to save money to travelling anywhere i want, i want to feel gone with the wind (so classic ^~^),
When i went to Church yesterday morning, The Father told about,
" God never give overload duty to you "
He know we can carry the best as we can be.

So, A New Day has Come dear friend, 
work need your action now, how to improve our selves to give impact in company too, 
hmm.. Thinking Out out the box but execute inside of the box (I wish Master of Inspiration, Yoris Sebastian were here, haha...)

Figure 1. Think Think Think (Crie think, hoho)

Human brain need to rethink coz' we use this awesome brain just less than 10% (i think i ever read that statement in online magazine >,< )
To get the inspiration, need white paper and pencil, no need eraser, just explore wildly. 
Yeah, at 01:05 am, i need coffee to accompany my brain doin' his duty (hohoho... have a good work good brain ^,^" )

Yeah, new day has come, 
Be wild. Wild and Enjoy life. Life is never flat. Flat taste not delicious. Delicious is curly. curly is me. me is debby. Debby Be Wild coz New day has come dear.. (hahahaha... positive (+) wild i mean)

Thanks God Cs (love you full)

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