Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bittersweet Met Him

Figure 1. Yahoo Messenger  is the  machine that made me met him
This story begin because Yahoo machine made "Join A Room" to make friends, when just get bored i entered a room to walk around. Many questions and asking to be friends in list, i sorted it first. Then i met him, as usual say: "hey", "how r you?", "asl?", "hows life?", "wht do u do?", "can i add you?" till "can i c u c2c or pic?"
All was going well, we talked about anything in our life, our past day, our future, our differences in religion, culture, our families, we celebrated delicious cooking on Ramadan day in our family's house. It felt like something missing if i were not online a day and met him.

Figure 2. Sweet Ramadan Day when he was online
He said likes me on second days we met, it's weird. No women could believe that feeling (in real life i won't believe it, now it in cyber world. wow.. awesome!!). No one of course, but he explained carefully that it's true feeling. I just never believe men words( haha... past time). He is cute, sensitive man because he had hard day in his past life. Ya sometimes i feel he is good person, sometimes i feel he just played me like others. He was angry 'coz i said him like that. No more forgiveness to me.

Figure 3. Childish girl

Ya, the truth is i am a childish girl, too much heaviness in my head, too much handicap that made me couldn't explore the real world as he said, i just full of hesitance, because of my head full of them then i made lot mistakes that made him mad, he could forgive me twice but no chance in last time. So, he deleted me in yahoo, msn, i don't know in skype too maybe (soon). I am typical person that really really hate in parting, saying good bye (prefer CU- See You) and now i got not only Good bye, but ignoring until deleted. That's fine, free now.

Water that fallen from my eyes erased all the good memories about him,
Tissue was the media to delete that water,
Candy accompanied me write this blog,
Fan in the room, cooling me now.
Silly girl with silly acting in bittersweet met him,

Thanks always smiling to silly girl, Thanks to give your phone num to me, Thanks always tease me, Thanks to make me shy when you told about what you did, Thanks for sharing to me about your family especially your Mom, Thanks i already know your fav colors (my fav color is yellow), Thanks you too sensitive and i am just a girl that silly with crazy negative thinking about men.
You just somebody in my friends list, but it's so hard to say goodbye because i hate goodbye and promises.
I am so sorry to hurt you. I hope someone can heal your wound.

Memorize of Turkiyem.
August  12th -  Sept 18, 2011

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