Thursday, September 22, 2011

Daring of Good Bye

When that door open, i can see the light hit my eyes, wake up call to me.
 I can hear birds singing sweetly like harmony of cello.
I am curious what's happen outdoor there?

Oh, but if i went to the light, how bout here? Would the darkness allow me to leave?
But i can't stay any longer with you oh darkness,
I want escape and smell that outdoor air,
Please don't hold me anymore,
You're beautiful hands hurt me for long time,
Would you let me taste that light?
I don't care what you said about pain if i met light,
You said, i will die but i think i will die faster if  i am still with you,
Sorry to hurt you oh darkness,
Let the power of light make me blind,
so i won't able to see you again oh darkness.
I don't want to see your sadness that can make me stay with you.

Sorry to betray you,
I like you but allow me to explore days with the light,
From now,
Good bye.
Good Bye.

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