Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Batavia Cafe

Batavia Cafe at Taman Fatahilah Jakarta,
Kota Tua.
This cafe, really artistic.
The theme is classic.
Downstairs for smoking area,
Upstairs for innocent lady like me, hahaha.. No smoking i mean XP.
No Air Conditioner just fans on the roof.
Full of Old pictures, big mirror, old fashioned lamps, bar full of lot of wine.
the most i love is silent.
as i know, when evening time, this place full booked.
Of course about that, 'Kota Tua' at evening also so crowded with light, seller, buyer, teenagers, just beautiful around.
My eyes has captured lot of beauty here, Kota Tua also this Batavia Cafe.

Well, for me this cafe just gorgeos,
of course the price is above the sky.
Booking a table is 500 k IDR. haha..

how about the 'Menu'?
What i found in there, the cheapest one of course, Drink Menu.
I like coffee to give some inspiration, i choose, 'Ice Coffee'
the cheapest one, 35 k IDR ^^

Well the coffee taste just like the coffee that i always make at home. ^__^"

I wanna take my parent, sister, granny to get here, sit here, order anything they want :)
It's a lovely place.
Thanks God cs for the opportunities that u give for me in every time C=

#Moment of Passport was done
#Moment lazy to back to office
#Moment curious about this cafe.

*Pics got from Google Images.

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  1. Well, No Phone yet to get take pics #sigh, that's why i put pic from Mr Google #sigh again.
    also, the Coffee was 37.5 k IDR before tax.

    when i went to go back to my room, it was chaos of demonstration on DPR/MPR. No Trans Jakarta Bus.
    Good Story!
    I looked for Bajaj, he asked 40 k IDR.
    Whoat! My money at my wallet was only 50 k IDR.
    i offered to be 30k IDR, he refused. Ok, whatever.
    I found nice man, as my driver. Ojek. motorbike Driver from Pekalongan n i paid him 30k IDR.
    nice day :D