Friday, March 1, 2013

Hey Mr On Off

Started Realizing at Plaosan Temples
Where i have to start?
hmm... 'Mr On Off' is the one that i wait every single night in this last 1 year. 
Why i call him 'Mr On Off'?
He will ON when he is totally free, will be OFF suddenly without permission if work come.
Why he become so special to me?
He is simple, smart (or i am too fool maybe. haha..) , and the best of them is sweet.
He knows to arrange words become wonderful sentences, mix and match between good and bad words.  He knows how to please girls especially my heart. LOL.
He gives me lot of informations about anything, he wants me to be smarter, bold and the one. see, only writing his story, make me little bit miss him.
Yes, when he was offline, pheeww.. life just like soup without salt. LOL

Hey Mr On Off,
very very thanks to accompany me for 1 year even i dont know how you look like, i still remember your voice, purely Indian accent. We already thanked to internet and yahoo that has made us meet each others. Now, you think, i forget and leave you? Well, 'Mr On Off' i have seen the reality, what was that? what relationship we have built? you know me very well, but i dont. 

The important things, When i fall, you aren't there and vice versa.

I hate promises, all words you have said just like beautiful scenario in my mind.
I think, before i have more doubts, better say, 
it's enough 'Mr On Off'.
Let yahoo team keep our story in its' history database.


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