Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I come to this blog with very moody mood again.
Dont know how to feel.
Sad, why?
Happy, what kind of things that could make me feel it?
Angry, with whom?
Satisfy, how can?
Hungry, what food that make me full? as I know I am full enough with questions on my mind, its like never ending stories of questionaries.
Thirsty, what kind liquid? Blood, oil, rain?
Must be something wrong with me, external and internal factors.
Any idea to do coloring grey be my fav color?
(moment : ignoring someone, no skype, no yahoo, kik on, whtsapp on - but noone buzzing lol, finding side job, jobs desc, sad song play near ears, dreams have not come true yet)
(gonna : be sleeping beauty, pray, wake up with smile, face the cloudy sky, say hello to sun and cats around the park and say, I can! )
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