Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mr. Ice Cream

I got boring day syndrome today, 
Not much to do in office without boss there, waiting for hours always killing me softly. I need to grow up my soul again with something cold, my head was too hot with many stuff!
On the way home, I met him, 'Mr. Ice Cream'
Mr. Ice Cream

5000 IDR = 5 Cent USD/ cup
I am curious, he works more than 8 years, I am damn sure, but he just still like that, nothing change, old cart, same taste of ice cream,maybe he needs new innovation so he will be different and great. But, he seems just does what he does now, ages eat him till he doesn't realize again that time goes fast without permission. Spooky moment to face with time.

Anyway thanks Mr. Ice Cream, I am cool now.


  1. Well... you know what they say "old is gold"
    btw... i like your blog..and your stories ...your country looks nice..I haven't visited it yet..i've always wanted to..been to your neighboring countries but not to yours ...hopefully someday..i've been planning for it for a while. ;)


    1. Hi Yaman,

      thanks for visiting my blog and liking the stories :D
      about "old is gold", i agreed!
      visiting Indonesia, never regret!
      enjoy the breeze and surprise things will come.
      Have a good day!