Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Interesting conversation between one of my gf from Line app, we chit chat many things as usual, then suddenly she did new subject,
'Kamu uda ga nakal kan?' (You haven't been a naughty - 'Nakal' girl anymore, have you?)

Me : What's the meaning of that 'Nakal' for all of sudden?
She : doing clubbing.
Me : Is clubbing 'Nakal'?
Then, strikely I replied her,
Me : Honestly, I am what I am now. If I am comfortable with what we called 'Nakal', I dont mind, just my time to be 'Nakal' sometimes dear :)

I know her feeling, she knows me when I was too innocent to say, I was very blind of world, just sit and hope too much. Now, people say about 'open minded' and I am learning about it. I really don't know why I am become like this, but as I know I am enjoying to be like this, even I will feel guilty 'cause I need to hide from the small world around me, who I am now.

Sorry to say dear friend, I am still 'Nakal'.

* Nakal = Naughty