Thursday, October 23, 2014

Something New!

Nowdays i am learning 3 different languages, Arabic, Mandarin & Italy. I wanna improve my dull brain become active again and i love new things to learn,indeed it is something BRAND NEW!! Lol.. So, this blog has appeared because i wanted to be well in English, now i will do the same with some posting.. will try to use different languages i have learnt (maybe not yet for Arabic.. even the teacher gave up for me, she was confused where had to start to teach me, the most difficult language in the world!! Hope my bf isn't a difficult person in the world tho, lol). Okay, enough for opening greeting, let's improve my brain! (Anyway reader could use translate application by clicking which language you want to be translated, it is on the above right of this blog, the app will appear only for desktop view)

我 是 语言 课程 的 学生 在 Jakarta. 我 的 朋友, 叫 Ding Ming Hui, 她 是 中国 人。我们 都 玩 在 Thousand island, Tidung island! Ding 同 Antony, 她 的 男 朋友。 我 同 的 妹妹, Cha cha!

Cha2 和 我

我, Ding 和 Antony, 我们 都 got sunburnt 和 变 Excotic!! 哈 哈 !

高兴 Posed!

Silly Posed! 哈 哈。。

Action Posed!

Yeaayy.. 我 飞。。。。我 如 鸟。。

I was dying, couldn't swim well.. sigh.. Swimming lesson is a must for me too!

Real dying.. Tiredness on the boat, 哈 哈。。

谢谢 每个人。。我 很 高兴。。
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