Friday, January 10, 2014

Journey to Baduy Tribe

Journey to Inner Baduy

Indonesia has some traditional tribes who don't want to follow modernity. They keep the tradition and rules from great great ancestors! Live with nature, beliefs and instinct. 
Baduy tribe in west Java, a tribe that
isolated its self in somewhere they belong, Lebak Banten area near Rangkasbitung. Every 16 years they will move to another place, nomadent. Baduy are divided into two sub groups, Baduy Dalam (Inner Baduy) and Baduy Luar (Outer Baduy), only pure Indonesian blood can enter to Inner Baduy, foreigners disallow to enter their land. Outer Baduy's people is lit bit open minded, has Tv, Handphone, electricity and accept foreigners.
Outer Baduy's house
The journey to Baduy tribe was great! I had to do trekking for 5 hours up down the hills, damn perfect sunny day, hot, good views and no slippery. I asked porter to bring my heavy bag pack :p (25000 IDR=2 USD/bag). The porter it self was a Inner Baduy tribe people, can you imagine barefoot he can lift 4 backpacks by himself for trekking about 5 hours! Gosh!!!! How could small body like kiddo can be so strong like Rambo?!!
Adlik & Agus our strong Porter, barefoot and wear their tradition clothes, Black and white.
Some views i have seen while our trekking,
Outer Baduy's kiddo lift woods for firewood

Lumbung Padi -  Rice Storage in every family, they will use the Rice when any ritual event like marriage or praying event

Bridge in a village in Outer Baduy

Paddy pounding
Women carrying paddy from Lumbung Padi, don't be surprise, they do far away walking
Amazing!! you have to see it for real!

Jembatan Akar - Root Bridge! Awesomeee...

 Selfie pics:
Crossing Jembatan Akar

Playing water in River bellow Jembatan Akar

Nice pattern of stones

Yippie!! wateeeerrrrr...

posed with very tiny porter!! he is so strong boy!! even the bag he carried bigger than him!! o.O

Cha & me wearing their hat
we bought their handmade bag, ^,^
Inner Baduy which i couldn't take any picture in their land, couldn't sing, couldn't enter sacral house,disallow to use soap, shampoo and pasta for brushing, you just depend on WATER from earth!
Stayed in local's house without bed, only blanket, waited they cooked for us, wow,  what a life, strange, nice  but surprising. I lived with  many handsome and beautiful people around! They don't use any cosmetic, no perfume but they are charming!
 That's my journey!! it was great!! indeed. :D, sorry for tempting you guys ;)  
it's pleasure to introduce Indonesia land to you. :)

See, how cute they are?!! Kiddo @outer Baduy

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