Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Crazzeeee... Flooding here!

Heavy rain last night, again make effect! Horrible Flooding on my own eyes!!!
 Jakarta, January 29th 2014


They keep tryin' beat the brown water!

Sorry about your motorbike after beating flood!

Powerful Bus

Chaos traffic jam!

Another creative Public transportation, we can say amphibian

Whatever your car, flood keep facing you

I hope i just played in River
I'm thinking to new place, safe one. :)
Be careful everyone.
Mampang Tendean road are closed!


  1. Astaga...dmn tu deb? Mampang tendean d tutup np? Kna bnjr jg tow? @@

    1. iyoiii... parah Bu..
      wuh mau berenang tapi kok momento nya ga oke banget, semua orang bukannya pake bikini, ini pada pake jas ujan! :D

    2. Wkwk lbh keren lg klo pke bju astronot...ooops wkwkwk.. @@ meh renang banyune buthek ngunu, surem tow ya...haha

    3. iya.
      Thanks God, it is ok now. normal.