Friday, October 17, 2014

Hunting for Free Drinks in Jakarta

Thursday night is always Ladies night, lucky day for ladies genre to get free drinks in couple of bars in Jakarta. As i know bars which provide free drinks are Burgundy, Grand Hyatt Hotel (free drinks at 8-10 pm) and Red Square in Arcadia Senayan (start free at 10 -12 pm).

But, last night... Burgundy was unusual, crowded, strange. My friend & I decided to move to red square for hunting another free drinks of course!

But, ta ra ra ra!!!
It has been CLOSED !!!

It seems let my friend down, she said many silly memories ever happened there, she felt sorry. My concern was about the impact of no "Red Square" anymore,
1. We ended in lounge bar with old songs genre (My dad's era) that could make me melt, wanna cry n suicide.. OMG!
Only few songs which were beating! Ggrrr..
2. No taxis passed Arcadia lobby! We had to walk to find taxi! It was ok for me, but sorry for my friend who wore high heels, ouch!
3. No Red Square, other lounges also silent.. become boring.
4. Burgundy became unusual, lol
5. No cool Thurs ladies night for us again.. sigh

Anyway, it is one of my enjoying life, this post not to make anyone judge about me..

(Also i am testing Bloggeroid app, it can't post video or do cut the paragraphs for "Read More")
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