Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Eyang I Miss You Too Much

Eyang = Granny...

I miss you too much!
What to do?
How could you leave me behind?
How could you let my tears falling unstoppable while remembering you?
How could?!

I wanna Run To You...
Tell me will you stay or will you?

Ya, you have runaway.. far. Unreachable. It is unbearable eyang... 
How could?!

I still remember how sweet your smile,
How warm your hugs,
How lovely your kiss in my cheeks,
How excited your stories,
Your tea making, always and always be my favorite!
Soto, your hand made traditional food was the best in my life! 
How could eyang, 
You leave me like this??!!!

It is so pain eyang...
I hope you will be happy there, but.. how about me, the one who miss you too much?
Tell me please, help me..
What to do?

Do you know, you are so beautiful eyang? I miss you!

Again you were busy making tea for family?! 

So, next year i have to ask bless from who? Tell me eyang?!

When i arrived in this room, i wished i had only nightmare. But, No.

This box took you far from me...

Good bye Eyang.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry Eyang,
    until now still I can't accept of your absence in my world. It can't be.