Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Woo hoo Cambodia!

Jakarta then jump to island over there! #waving you Cambodia ;)
Woo hooo.... Cambodia, man!
Describing this country is easy, as long as i am with my man, everything is always as simple in every way! No idea why.
Cambodia, especially Phnom Phen (capital city) does not have many different with Jakarta (Indonesia's capital city), dusty, same weather, same anatomy as Asian's skin :) , same kind people like Indonesia (easily smile and helpful)! but.. in Jakarta almost human being there have sophisticated mobile phone (Android, iPhone), very very rare you would see in Cambodia. I am sure they still have sense of real warm greetings, not yet busy on phone's screen for sure.
Riel (Cambodian's currency), they are using 2 currencies : USD and RIEL
They have two currencies, if you have dollars in your hands, no need to exchange to RIEL,  the rate on Sept 2015 for 1 USD = 4,000 RIEL (for any transaction), but if you would exchange 1 USD = 3,900 RIEL

Picture above just to see that we are rich, muahaha.. naah those are small amount only #wink (around 80 USD)
What i like in Cambodian beer is the top cover of the bottle, easy to open! just "flip!". Oh ya, in the cover if you lucky you could get gift! Anyway our opinion is Bintang (Indonesia's beer) still the best ;) International quality laah...

 You know what? 
"Tuk Tuk" transportation motorbike pedicap is everrrrrrrryyyyy where!! 
you will never feel alone, because, Tuk Tuk's drivers will always smile and say : "Tuk Tuk Sir?!"
 Our first dinner in Phnom Phen! culinary traditional food there, everything is sweet just like me :P , gave the rate for culinary 3 on 5 star.

 Temples are everywhere too! 
When we were on sight seeing mood, in small village, seems not rich place, but the temple is WOW (O.O) , it seems religion is always number one above all :)

 One monkey around the monks :P
Cambodia Kingdom, in the heart of city
The government let's the people enjoy sunset everyday to be together in this center of city. So happy to be there among Cambodian! everyone chit chat, sitting, very rare to see selfie action between the teens, hehe.. because not everyone has sophisticated phone as i mentioned above.
 some people were doing the routine of praying
Their Local market is exactly like Indonesian, haha.. dirty, full and of course South East Asian faces everywhere :D
 Local market view from our window hotel, cool huh? YESSS!!!!
Harmony of green umbrellas with the voices of busy transaction, hmm.. life.
 When Jakarta was still like in oven temperature, Cambodia was welcoming us with his heavy rain! of course someone was too happy till had to jump into middle of the street to feel the sensation of the heaven water ;)
 Ignore my face, see that guy behind me? that's what i meant he really jumped in the middle of the road to feel you rain :D
 Hello, happy couple after dancing under the rain :)
 Siem Reap section, a city in Cambodia with the aura just like in Bali. Tourists are everywhere. In Bali the attraction is the Hinduism life, arts and beautiful beaches, in Siem Reap is about the magnificent temples that become the huge magnet there!
 The way to wooooonderful temples, lost in those temple will be an honor to me i guess :D
 You think the land only in that picture? Noo, you are wrong! Angkor Wat temple site has 200 km2.

 Map of Angkor Temple, 
Angkor Wat has same structure with Javanese temple in Yogyakarta, central Java, Indonesia. In Indonesian history book and a historian told that there was correlation between Java kingdom and Cambodian kingdom, a prince from Java got married with princess from Cambodian kingdom. They had one most influence king (Syailendra) in that era (South East Asia), a king who had built Borobudur temple in Java!
 Then we continued our journey to big temple, Angkor Thom, Thom means big.
Peek a boo.. 
 I know, it's tired after many photos that i uploaded above, but it is worth it! This ancient site is in UNESCO world heritage site, it is really a place "must see" then you can die after :)
 Angelina Jolie temple! Why? because Tom Raider setting movie was in this place :) 
You know what i feel, when i was there?
i am as small as hobbit and the time take me with imagination which giant monster came from the sky with those big trees hugging the old ruins wall. 
See, how small i am?!
My boyfriend found out that no big blowing wind came to this site, that's why the trees could stay strong and getting bigger following the time.

Ouch, touching the sunset! it's tickle!
And eating the sunny side up, it's yummy!
The central market in Phnom phen! be smart to bargain! I let this job to beloved boyfriend, bahaha..
Sitting as Cambodian in night market (Phnom phen), got companion beers, yummy food and handsome boyfriend.. what else i want?
Thank you darling for this journey, it is absolutely as great as your heart!

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