Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kenawa Island, Really a Private Island!

Jumping map, from Jakarta to Lombok (west nusa tenggara) then jump to another island, SUMBAWA! 
Visited beautiful sister who has same passion of jumping is a blessed!

Google map really a must bible to bring! Dunno anything about Sumbawa, just gone with the wind, jump from Kayangan port in Lombok to Poto Tano port in Sumbawa was amazing!

 We are crazeeee... sister hood, know nothing about Sumbawa! and just driving motorbike worries-less! you know what the scary one? Sumbawa is one of small city in this huge country that haven't got big attention from the government, sooo... Sumbawa still a forest! the worst was, the day time changed to be in dark side with no electricity along the way, we were in the middle of no where, no hotels near by, and the road just perfect for horror movie.. auuuuwww... we need wolverine and Dracula as the main actors :P
please kindly find our photos as dessert below :D
Gorillaz pose of Cha2!
Again, we found beach in Lombok still pure beach, no human touching yet :)
Take a deep breath and enjoy the breeze of the nature, lovely feeling..

Ninja's warrior sandals shoes , he.. he..
Pototano harbour, waw! stunning.. drool ,from this harbour, we ride the motorbike to Big Sumbawa (Sumbawa besar) to find the hotel near by, it is 93 km, we drove almost 2.5 hours in the darkness only moon and horror mood who accompanied us, hellooo... anyone ?!!
check out the video!
We are in? SUMBAWA!!!!! Quite place, and far from everywhere.
Oh ya, there is hidden place, from Sumbawa Besar (city center) jump to another island where Lady Diana ever hide there, just no time and too expensive, we failed on that mission :(
The island name is Mojo island! (i know i will back to Sumbawa just to jump to Mojo island #crossFinger)
Our dinner, fried rice with egg and meat balls, so so taste but we had to eat to get some energy for tomorrow journey to back to Lombok which has 190 km from Sumbawa besar!
See.. even we were too tired whole day and complained too much to the staffs of the cheap hotel where we stayed, in the next morning we become pretty girls again!muahaha... the power of girl and mirror ;) (by the way, i was the one who complained too much to the staffs, sorry)
Oh no.. our breakfast in hotel, same as our dinner! helloo... Sumbawa do you have another menu, please?!
Yippiee... guess where were we? 
Old palace for Sumbawa kingdom. Such a simple palace :)  
No tourist, only that silly pose girl again :(
Ghost of the palace... :P
On the way back to Pototano harbour, and i captured 2 feet moo with her friends, 4 feet mooes :D
Whoops, before going back to Lombok, near Pototano harbour, there is local port has been managed by local to go to private island Kenawa. the title about this island, so the story will begin. 
We rent private boat, to take and pick us to and from Kenawa was Rp 150,000 (15 AUD). We could back home at anytime but has to tell correctly for pick up time to the sailor man, because the phone will be useless! (remember we are in a private island)
And wallah!
see.. exotic private island, Kenawa :D
I love it 
I love it
I love it!
this wonderful island only us! Yes! Cha2 and debby curly! awww...   
flowers around the crystal beach view, O.. My Gosh.. is it real? YESSSSSSS...
Tempting to taste the water around my private island, of course ;P

Indeed, We Love INDONESIA! You are too beautiful to be ignored.
Thank you :*  

Still, don't believe that this island is only ours? check out the video bellow :D

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