Wednesday, July 7, 2010

~Dengue Fever~ Demam Berdarah~

         Mentor Scratch to make me understand :)
              My Last Assignment about Analysis of Spatial Data from Disease Spread of Demam Berdarah in Kota Surakarta.  Wonderful, when my Mentor said, i had to digitize the datum, Range betwen 10 years. Everyday i had to go to my mentor's room.
             Demam Berdarah is Dengue Fever that caused by Mosquitoes' bite named Aedes Aegypti. The Disease spread in tropic country, such as Indonesia. Hmm... Little Mosquito could weaken the human, Great! God is Fear :)
             Then, What is Sociodemographic? Science between social and Demographic like Age, Gender, Poverty, Martial Status, Habits.
             SO, the point of my Last Assignment is What Sociodemographic that caused Dengue Fever in Each County at Kota Surakarta?
             And How to Make it???????
             I Believe in Me :)
                     I Can Through The Rain :)

about Dengue Fever                 : Dengue Fever
about Song to Refresh you Self : Through_The_Rain-Mariah_Carey

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