Friday, August 13, 2010

Wow! Amazing!

Yesterdays were my mood: Stress :(
From Yesterdays, i always get new lesson that God cs learn to me. For Example:

1. Problem yesterday couldn't display Map then asked Forums, but when this fingers typed word: DEFAULT then show up the map :D
Wow,it appear!

2. Problem yesterday yesterday Couldn't make Database Spatial :) googling time after time then found the answer i forgot installed postgis-pg82-setup-1.4.1-1 for Postgre 8.2.17. Also couldn't connect Postgre with Shpfile (converting process), Wow! Then did magic language in cmd prompt to made it, lol. Great day.

How to make database Spatial
deal with command prompt

3. Problem yesterday yesterday yesterday, couldn't connected Database from Postgis to PHP , almost 2 days got stress then just watched the address bar in Mozilla Firefox: Problem Solving -> http://localhost/kon_postgis.php not at first when i type it from index.html that become file://i:ms4w/Apache/bla...bla..

4.Problem yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday, still newbie in Arcgis zone but God Cs helps me in tutorials. Then i could make it, the map already digitized.

5. Problem yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday, digitized the hard-copies to soft copies- the data Surakarta city from 2001 until 2008, still can't imagine how thick they were?? God Cs HELP me again from my sister-'Cha-Cha', she helped me and still smiled at me although the papers still liked a mountain :P
Thick Hard copies :P

6. Problem Just Now, Can't connect Chameleon Framework for days before. Then God Cs disappear my stress for days with invited me to watch sad movie-Korean movie with my Mom n my Sis. After i can smile and back to Positive thinking, I could fact the monitor's PC again. Googling, Download Chameleon again with same version again, then Voila just copy paste to folder in the ms4w ('coz before when i copied and pasted i forgot 1 folder :P) Thank God :)
Yeah, Chameleon. Let's do coloring the world!

7. Then from Chameleon, How to connect Map, file template .phtml also shapefile? I studied again about "Path Relative". lol. i asked my sis again to make me understand what is the Path Relative, wow embarrassing, but she likes it, she got new vocabulary in difference of point for explain the directory/path. ../data/indonesia/ , if the Path from localhost ms4w/Apache/apps/appweb/   => then folder data on the apps folder coz the points are 2 ../ but when ./data/indonesia/ so on the appweb folder, in the appweb there is indonesia folder and in indonesia folder that's it the
Not anymore .lol
Relative Path, NO confusing anymore :D

8. From that Relative Path, still got errors more and more, coz i am brilliant girl (God creature), so i asked forum again in (we should register to become the user), still no answer then i checked one by one the codings. No difference of them. what's wrong with the relative path?? (my question to the forum :))
Then my fingers added  '/'   in the end of Finally Amazing, The Map Shown!!
Wonderful,Amazing Step <3 until now :D

Wonderful, beautiful days
Thank God Cs <3

Note: Sorry my words collide like my brain now :P

-dbee love God Cs


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  2. :) Thank you,
    it was my complicated life and just for reminding me about 'how persistent i was'.
    and yes, mozilla firefox helped me much!