Saturday, August 28, 2010

Colorful day in Everyday :D

Hey Certificate in our hands =)

Yeah :D ......There is Colorful day in Everyday :D
i ever read in the book "Mindset Success" ~ Jennie Bev. the author said that (as i remember) more least: "Tidak ada hari yang benar-benar sama setiap harinya" ~ English vs: "There is no the same day in everyday". Then that's real, i prove it, even we do the same routine activity everyday but feel it, Nothing same :D

Like this day, my friend invited me to join Workshop about GIS, well i was interested because 2 things:
1. Free!!
2. My Research about GIS :) ofcourse

You know, the funny thing was when i entered in the door's lab, i saw foreign person ~Pak Markus Müller~ Then i knew that he was the trainer with Native Indonesia language- 'Bahasa', well rather got new spirit to follow the training that was held almost 5 hours in the chair and had to face to face with Monitor *,*. More color in this day was about got Free Morning Snack, Lunch and also Afternoon Snack, wow ~,~ !! Just sit and listened to the Pak Markus (Pak is Mr, and Pak Markus Dislike with "Mr." calling... ^.^) then Free meal came :)
Pak Markus and me with certificate :D

Other colorday was i met my crazy friends (InOn, Ajeng, Widiee, 42, and Giant~ Ribka, Joja and others that can't mention 1 by 1) that haven't been heal yet . lol =D in that workshop, i could share my little autodidact about the software ArcGIS 9.2, really God loves me, i can't imagine, i learned about ArcGIS alone, nope wrong i mean i learned about ArcGIS not alone but just my self with God's helping from little tutorials :D 

~Thanks God cs~ by this workshop i know much more how to operate the software. 

Oh ya,  i got many text message from my lecture and amazingly He sent the words to me with English!! 
Uncommon ~.~. That's why i write this blog to share my colorful day with English language, because i met Kind Foreign person from Germany that help Indonesia in Education also i got sms from My lovely Lecture with foreign Language   :D

At night come my sis and I play with "Blessy" (our pig doggy puppy :P ), we always play "Footsal"~~ eerm... simple soccer between us and Blessy :)
Thank God sent Blessy to us, coloring our night.

Blessy n us after playing 'Simple Soccer'

-dbee in the colorful day in everyday


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