Thursday, August 19, 2010

Downgrade Win 7 to Win XP SP2 in HP Compaq CQ40 532TU

Luckily i got step by step in the Install Windows XP di Compaq CQ40-532TU

Got troubles when did it,
1. Error in Reinstalling directly from BIOS always appear message error: A problem has detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer
Check your Hardisk to make sure it is properly configured and termianted. 
Run CHKDSK/F to check for hardisk corruption
STOP 0X000000FB, So must use nLite that can show the step in Install Windows XP di Compaq CQ40-532TU
2. When made the iso from nLite there's error again n again, solving with rename folder became shorter than the beginning, the message said: max folder named 384 character bla...bla... then it works :)
3.When iso finish, i started to Reinstall Win 7 became win xp, but because my foolishness i made mistake that i don't fix it yet, Deleted the Partition (hmm...sorry my Laptop's friend). Then, when installing process that error message mention over and over again: can not copy file: cmnicfg.xml
^ To Retry, press Enter
if you are installing from a CD, make sure the Win XP CD is in the CD-ROM drive
^ To skip the file, press ESC
Caution: if you skip this file, Setup may not complete and Windows XP may not work properly
^ To Quit Setup, press F3.

When i read about can not copy file cmnicfg.xml so will be error in can not copy ipcfg.xml, postcfg.xml, pppcfg.xml

God cs whispered me to Re Format Hardisk before Reinstall, i did that and it works!! Re Installing works, No error message.
4. After Reinstalling then Windows XP should be installed the drivers of Laptop HP CQ40 series like Driver Chipset Intel, Driver: wifi, bluetooth, webcam, quick launch buttons, Modem, VGA, LAN, Card Reader, IDT High Definition Audio Codec sp 39671, hotfix kb888111.exe also audiopatch.
5. In the Reinstalling also problems came, there are some drivers can't be opened in the link, so i look for other websites and got step for sound  from it. Thank God. it works again
I did: installed, downloaded, copied also pasted. Nothing useless if we really have aim :)

Finally win xp works with Sound too

There is A will, There is A way.


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