Monday, April 23, 2012

I wanna Be Rich

I wanna be Rich,

almost people in this universe dare to dream BIG! so, do i. I wanna be Rich.

it doesn't matter if i had to eat instant noodles everyday to be Rich,

or it doesn't matter also if i had to walk far far away to bus shelters,
Far far away Bus Shelter
I will do anything, to be rich ofc, but in good condition too not in rude way.

When i hear anything about money from my parents' grievances, i become so sensitive. see, How powerful money to make them talking such a boring topic 'money' all the time? it's so annoying you know and even i am just good listener or still be a listener not much. 
I know they never complaint to me about money (let say, M), they know i am learning to get M, but again How powerful M to make me think, rethink to get you and end all convo about you. 

Hoping my convo sometimes not only about M, but like 'how beautiful sunset in Kuta beach', or 'how cool snow in Swiss' or 'Hey look those kid need us to hold their hands'.

If i didn't have any worries about M, i will do anything that i want. 
Share anything to anyone freely.
No more guilty because i can help anybody, just say me. Glad to help.

I wanna be rich,
I will make it come true,
I do,
Elisabeth Theresia Debby Iriani can do it [dot]


  1. i wanna be rich too...;)
    go somewhere and buy anything by our own M...

  2. yes dear... Let's make it come true.
    Not go somewhere, but everywhere hahaa...
    yup buy anything to share to others too,