Monday, October 14, 2013

Unique Views on Sunday Morning

Sunday morning, a lovely day to start every steps a head. I wore big t-shirt with torn short pants, haha.. i like that kinda rebel pants, but noone in my family do. My mind was curious to walk through houses and finding a minimarket to get bottle of milk and bread.
 shopping to stay alive! Eggs, Anti mosquitoes lotion, Superman Chocolates-remind me when i was kiddo, Milk, Bread, noodle, noodle, and noodle again >.<

Anyway the story about the result of my shopping not too important, the nicest things i got
were the small street or people call it 'gang' where i crossed. This Oct 15th, 2013 Muslim people celebrates Idul Adha, the symbol of it is to sacrafice kind animals like goat, buffalo or cow. i saw 2 buffaloes that will end as a lunch, brunch or dinner on people's plates around that area.

Girls looked at buffaloes which the price like 1300USD/each and cow more expensive than them. i saw the bald executor too :p
I passed the buffaloes and found another unique views,
 The area where i stayed is very famous with 'worst flood' when hard rainy comes, so people who lives there will always accept 'rainy and the effect of it, flood'!! Even they collect many lost sandals that they had found month per month!

Lost Sandals collection!! it was unique view i have capture! How creative they are! lol

It shown: Banjir Lagi Terserah Lo Aja Deh, it means: Flood again, whatever!

They keep stay there because reasons and accepting conditions. I saw many carts of food seller too there, then their profession are food seller, food seller (nasi goreng-fried rice, mie goreng-fried noodles, cap tjai).
Carts row
So, that was my unique views on Sunday Morning :)
 Always curious and get something new!

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