Saturday, April 28, 2012

I am A Kid in A Man Body

" Tony!! Why you get bad score??!! 80??!! Why not 100?!! You need my punishment Ton??! I'd love to do that! "

I just took regret, be silencer man because i know what will i get from what i got in that paper. I have to get used with punishment until my college graduation, no escape at all.

"Now count, Ton!"
"argh! One."
"aarrrgg!! Twooo..."
Plack plack plack plack plack!!!
"Awww- aww-- aww-- ...................................aaaaaaaaaaa..........."

My fifteen minutes is over. Thanks God even i can't sit well for a while.
The story is not over yet, have to watch my punishment video though with whole family for learning to be better.

Hard night, nightmares come, feel chaos, terrible and in the morning i put something in my bed AGAIN. My Baby sitter (BS) see what have i done and then, punishment AGAIN.

" Ton, No pants in the corner right now!! " It was for hours.


I played football with cousins freely but the ball broke a pot accidentally. We got that 'comb taste' and we couldn't sit well as usual.

My every single step i do carefully, i don't want to make any mistakes. I should do the best.
Sometimes i felt my parents believe what my BS' saying than mine, that's why she could give punishment whenever she want. My parents rely BS to discipline me.
Punishment is like my breakfast, lunch, dinner. If a day were no punishment? What a sweet day or bad day?
I am freaking out with mistakes.
No imagination to have woman, focus with study hard to be the best.
No home late. No Bad score or go down score, I need permission in my twenties age, such;

"I wanna pee."
"Okay let's go to bathroom."

"Can i access internet?"

"Tony, your bath tub ready, come to bathroom now. I am waiting, don't make me start counting on you."
"Yeah.. I am coming."

"Just get dressed with those one."

"Let me shave your beard."

I am twenties years old, but i treat like a kid, it is old family tradition. I accept that. I love my family even though,
I am a kid in a man body.

**only story, sorry if any mistakes.

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  1. thanks you , that was me one day long back