Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sweat (Sweet?) Tour with Bora

Capture beautiful sky in a building on my way in Busway view
 One Day met Bora on April 2012, my silly, sensitive, innocent but cute and care friend i ever know ^.^
That Saturday, we have no plan except 'Meet each other in Plaza Semanggi' (hmm..but i doubt, i knew she had plan - Karaoke time. hahaha...)
Looking for you in Snake way shelter to shelter

She was very sweet to me,
I had no pay for my accomodation, LOL.
 Eat"Fu Yung Hai & Drink Yummy Green Tea"  in Solaria, Free.
Busway till felt Sweat Bus to her boarding house, also Free.
Dinner time with her brother, Koko Sam, Free.
Magnum Ice Cream from Koko, Free again!
I was totally FAT on that weekend ~___~
What a beautiful day it was, seem curious about what i dreamed at night before yaaa till i got nice gifts like that?? (^,^)
Meet first time @Plaza Semanggi,Jakarta
Bathroom be our Narcism session

Fu Yung Hai @Solaria

Thanks Bathroom @Plaza Semanggi

Yeaaaahhhh!!!!! Sang Badly @Inul Vista
Hey hey, what's up girl?? Fallin in Love?

The cutest shoes belongs to cute girl name Debby :)

 Thanks a lot Bora, my dear friend also Koko Sam.
Thanks i could sing badly with you, now going addicted to sing songs. LOL
Thanks invited me to taste Bus no Air Conditioner, only windows no wind blow, and very bad traffic jam, till i thought i took a bath in the bus, Gosh! Sweat for hours! hahaha.... (and i could see you laughed at me Bora!!! ) #sigh =.=a
My face was full of white tissue and you laughed again, very nice of you (*___*)
@Sweat Bus

@TransJakarta Bus

Sweat Bus, 610


NASI UDUK, taste good, one more time, it's FREE

Me & Nasi Uduk Pecel Ayam, happy face?! OFC.
Thanks you broke my DIET rule, hahaaha..
Thanks you both introduced me to What the name of the mall?? Now i forget.  Walked away from your boarding house till that nice mall, my calories after ate spicy food decrease (^^) even got Sweat again #sigh =.=a
Thanks i ate spicy food and my tummy said 'Ok' for that privilege day (','), ate spicy food in a tend? you know what i mean, of course Sweat again. LOL
Thanks hey all, you both have room in 4th floor and to get there, what we should do? step by step WALK in hundreds stairs!! AWESOMEEEEE (o_____o), No doubt, Sweat and tissue accompanied me again. #sigh =.=a
Last but not least dear my friend (^^) , Thanks for the Sweat but Sweet tour (",)
I already kept that moment in my Brain's folder name, SWEAT TOUR!


  1. Buakakakaka, bhkn q bc ini pun udh dg senyum terrrrrrr LEBAR wkwkwkwk....:P

    CITOS say, CILANDAK TOWN SQUARE... kan yo momen indah lho, sesuai harapan kita ^^ hehehe... d ksh mamam yg byk dlu, biar gemuk n d ajak naik tangga ke lt4 biar langsing...hahaha...kpn2 karaoke lg yah...:)

    1. Oh iyaa yaa... Citos - Cilandak Town Square.
      terimakasih ya saya langsing berkat tangga anda sekalian ;)