Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Story

I can be anyone,
I am an Account Manager,
I could be a technician,
And I could be a driver too, I took (lifted) PC and NB by my own from HP Center! Hahaha...
HP Center official said, "people come here all is man gender! It's so rare, you a girl come and wanna lift that PC and Notebook!"
Hahaha... Cool yeah (^^)'

Thanks God, I met man accidentally that had same way to HP Center, then I went there with him by his motor cycle. I don't really know where is HP Center location, Thanked God, you sent that man ;)

He dropped me,
I waited him but not came, so I left him,

I still owe to that man,
We will meet again.
Mr. Sofi thank you. :)
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