Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Toilet @ May 07

Toilet @office is my witness
Witness when my hands felt cold because nervous,
Witness when i did little exersice when my body so tired,
Witness when i so sleepy till i sleep there, with my head upon tissue box for at least 20 minutes,
Witness when i was happy, smiling,
Witness when i cried because happiness or sadness.
But today that toilet be my witness of day that untold, how to express.
Hands felt cold, happy but cried, speechless, sit and Thank God for today.

You always heal me when i feel bad (*__*)

Memorize of 7 May
from Mr. Hendriyanto room.
Thanks Mr Wen, Mr Hen and Mrs Lily for little gift for me ($,$)

I'll do my best.
God cs know it (^.^)

Toilet @ May 07 2012

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