Sunday, April 21, 2013

be an Interpreter

              Just sharing about be an Interpreter to a lovely Researcher Golf at Jakarta on April 2013 :)She was nice, friendly and love to share anything about Golf. lol!She was at Jakarta for the first time to research about what kind brands the players use for the sticks, glove, shoes, balls  and where and why they have bought that brands?She said Indonesia have good field (so greeny) and the golf is developing.I got info about golf in Korea, it is like hobby to everyone, the golf Club never empty, lot of people (Golf's Course in Indonesia is still fulfill of greeny field not many the golfers there yet, LOL).She told me about Golf is expensive sport but in USA, there are golf clubs that are not costly for the citizen, so everyone can play golf! They also don't have caddy! only for executive ones! About Golf in Japan, the caddies not beautiful like Indonesian, here we have sexy, cute caddies, Japan only have old women as caddies :D

Yeay! We are Working!
Waited her @SultanHotel

Golfing Fee @Toilet's door
Resto Menu

Resto View near Driving Ranges
Resto View

Ladies' Change Room
It was nice experience :D
Got new friends and met up with many Korean that played Golf, i just knew, they could speak Bahasa (Indonesian's Language) well than English!!



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