Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Goodbye

When you feel like be in a cage, even its the beautiful one with gold cover to it, you will feel it like in a jail!
BUT You will never feel frustrated in that cage when you have someone to share with.
The pain, loneliness and whole misery will vanish as fast as the furious if you had someone there!
But how bout the condition now, your someone wanna free like a bird and leave you behind?
For me, its ok, as long as that someone enjoy the life, will do for me too.
Heavy ofcourse, but I have to accept that lot of things that happens, not always as my expectations!
Just a memory to release one innocent cyber friend from online zone!
He will be offline and do anything real now. LOL
Well, another Goodbye, but it is for the sweetest one.
Happy for you dude B...y! Always.
#Pic took when I was @Cianjur
#Lampegan Station
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