Saturday, April 27, 2013

Path Finder

The title isn't about a movie with same title, but it's about me.
I am a Path Finder,
I don't know exactly where should i have to step except my only sleeping dreaming dreaming silly!
I can't feel happy or enjoy the fullest.
I can't feel any satisfy but i don't feel sad much too!
Meeting with strangers, what for? Just killing time, maybe.
Meeting with close friends, same, no solutions or i am too talkative to talk anything else not my really problem that i even don't know where the problem comes out!

Path Finder,
it's like a home work to me, 
i am finder , find find find any paths! 
What a clue!

I can't tell what my status of my self now?
it's 'GALAU' - 'CONFUSE'

What's happening to me?
i called my self in DESPERADO Mood!
sOmEtHiNg WRONG wItH ME!!!!

Memories of this day:
#Ate Pasta at Italian Resto Menara Karya Kuningan, the taste just like Tofu (Brrrr!!!), it was 41k IDR, drank Hazelnut Milkshake (Not Bad)
#Drank 1 Big Glass of Haiken Beer @Liquid Exchange, it was 38k IDR (but it was just like charity for drinks, someone or more owe me 60k IDR, it lit bit matter to me, coz i dont do charity that much to the church, lol)
#went home from clubbing 2 am (with talkative taxi driver talking bout my virginity - S**T! )
#love to dance @club (BATS - 120k IDR/each person, free whatever drink you want)
#@BATS, girls should wear Hi Heels! Damn, i loved to dance for hours but pain too :(

*Pic taken when i was on journey to Gunung Padang @Cianjur City.

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