Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gunung Padang

Traveling to Gunung Padang!
Gunung = Mountain
Padang = Bright
so, people around called it mountain that give bright to them :)
Native and Scientist concluded that this site had age 10000 BC (the proof from the river sand deep inside in it after digging of Scientist)  

before went to Gg. Padang, we looked at old station, Lampegan Station. The cave is 700 m and each 10 m, there are rooms that had function for guard stayed there to keep situation good, no robbers. This station never been used again after renovation at 2010.

Lampegan Station
Rail of old Station

Darkness for 700 m

Up road to Gg Padang
Surround Gg Padang

Have to climb those doz stairs (the angle: 70 degree)

Elementary kids studied history
Gg Padang have all things is about FIVE (5) !
The stones that they are Andesite Stones are Pentagon!
Have 5 Field/ Terrace
Have 5 Stairs 
Surrond by 5 Mountains (Gg Batu, Gg Pasar Pogor, Gg Kencana, Gd Gede, Gd Pangaranga)
Gunung Padang
 1st Terrace is Pembuka Pintu (First Door)
@1st Terrace had Bukit Masigit (Masigit Hill) symbol like Mosque, to God
2nd Terrace is Mahkota Dunia (World's Crown), symbol of social, goodness, wealth.
@this terrace there is Batu Kursi (Chair Stone) the function was to discuss

Kujang Stone, Ku : Oleh /by, Jang : Kamu/ You
(By You) Symbol Sword
Music Stone (When you hit it, the sound like "Ting!")

3rd Terrace, there is Maung Stone, stand for Manusia Unggul | Great Human that have 5 principe of life
4th Terrace, there is Kanuragaan Stone, but ppl wrong perception, they thought the stone name is Kanuragan (Mistic Things to get anything that u want), because that wrong perception, lot of people want to lift that 50 kg stone!! Damn!
That's why native keep it safely, just ask the guide or native where the place, they will show you freely. lol
Maung Stone (Maung : Manusia Unggul | Great Human)
5th Terrace is place named, Sunan Ibu Sunan Rama
This Terrace is very special because it place to sit to the Gg Gede (Great Mountain), symbol face to face to God
Place to get big energy :P (if you could feel it)
@5th Terrace
Banner of Gg Padang
Gd Gede (Great Mountain)
That was my report and Traveling to Cianjur city.
It was great, curious, how about when the night come? must be AWESOME!
I could see beautiful twinkle twinkle thousand stars!

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