Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Meet up in Carrefour

This story between 2 persons, we can call the guy, Tono and the girl is Anny.
Once upon a day Tono installed his Android smartphone with application to call anybody around the world randomly. He tried many times to choose numbers and caught a unique number xxx7878 and he tried to call this number even the user didn't answer it, but he kept trying. Finally, a day the user of that unique number answered his calling, and conversation started. The conversation between them was full of misunderstanding, but it didn't matter, at least Tono knew the name of the girl, Anny and he could whatsapp her anytime.
Anny is a welcome person and easily trust anybody even a stranger, it is always her bad. They did chit chat via whatsapp while they busy with their own business of vacations.
Anny's vacation - Uuwatu, Bali

Tono's vacations - Jakarta area

They added each others in Facebook too, nothing serious about it, but Anny thought Tono was a bald fat man because he didn't have profile picture on fb, lol.
The time came, they were in same area that time and decided to meet up. The meeting point were in the center, Anny mentioned 'meet up in Carrefour'. Anny sat in front of Carrefour and Tono smiled 'Hey!'. They talked like they were in whatsapp and minutes over minutes they decided to find some bar to drink.
Beers Temple and Pizza

Day to days,
They kept meeting in some places, in Anny's eyes, Tono was a warm and nice guy who doesn't trust anybody, different attitude with her. Tono's eyes looked her as a silly girl who always jump anywhere freely like a baby. Their conversations never felt boring, they could talk anything, laughed simple things, disagreed some subjects and questioning some cultures.
They were from random calling, met up in Carrefour now became close friend who have planning to meet up again in somewhere else, just enjoying the breeze of wind.

Just a short story dedicated to nice guy, Tono.
 anyway, Thanks for the watermelon too ;)
Sweet Watermelon~~~


  1. Do you still remamper the story behind red Watermelon ?