Saturday, October 12, 2013

A dot country in My Eyes

sky from Air Asia window's
I went to the small country, just a dot in map but has very blink blink magnet to attract many tourists to come. This country was sophisticated, i looked parks, cafes, hotels, apartments, traffics, road, MRT and citizen were so neat, near each others, clean, fast. I can imagine how good the goverment manage its country.
Clean country

It is only dot in map, no land, flats anywhere!

I told to my friend who was my host there, 'something missing in this country.' He said, 'no beggars here....' . That's it! No beggars! A very rare view where i couldn't see in my country :p
I stayed in a cozy, quite place, one old place there which Chinese residents around, Tiong Bahru.
cozy place, peek from hotel's view

I found many very tasty Chinese foodsiin Tiong Bahru area, aww...

Chinese tradition

Noodles what what, forget, but yummy!!

Again, noodles what what! and mamma mia, great taste!
My host took me to see, whole part of White Lion from above, the tallest building there, in Marina bay sands area, Sands Skypark.
Bay and a building like bra there
Main road from Sands Skypark look

Main city in the beginning of evening, calm.

Got shoot of lovely couple <3 br="">

Main city when the sun's gone, beautiful lights anywhere!

Hooray i was in 'Gantole', i still remember the notice like:"don't do monkeying!!" lol

Sentosa island! like small jungle as greeny area there.
I saw many good things there, but there was also less good, the beach! no wave, dirty and so so not nice. maybe i always see wonderful beach in my own country :)
Huge beer! in Elephant bar, Clarke Quay area, very nice place to hang out in night!

Sign in MRT station, it show: let the passengers from MRT go out first, then we stand in red line while waiting them get out, lol cool!

Shopping in China Town! nice place to visit too ^^

Still in China Town

Near China Town there is 'Sri Mariamman' temple, india ppl place for praying, unique and color full!

China town after rainy | still nice even water around it.

I moved to see Chinese praying place, Thian Hock Keng

all i saw, dominant golden and red color, symbol of prosperity.

Green, red, blue lamps! can u imagine in the night?

Last but not least thanks for hosting me Jeff! won't forget the things there with you :)
a dot country that so nice, expensive in every stuff, lot of tourists come because it is nice place to relax, Singapore.
anyway i didn't take picture in Merlion statue (White lion), but it is ok, i have been there!
@Sands Skypark :)

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