Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fly to Surabaya

Once day, when i was jobless, i did thinking much, did non sense stuff called planning. When i had no money in my pocket, i had relations. When i didn't know what to eat that day, i had noodles (junk food ones). When i have No ideas in my mind, i watched TV to get inspired. 
That day, before flying to Goddess island, Bali, i said to my self, 'you need to stay in this small rent room for weeks, you have to bear with your self in boredness Deb! it's ok, not a big deal at all! it is same like another weeks before,  you need to save money, then just travel to Bali for 2 weeks later Deb.'
but, the fact,

eewww~~~~~ so, boring!!
noodles every day!
sleeping every day!
 faced room's walls everyday! 
i am in my own jail!! 
and then, i watched tv, the only way to escape from my own jail, it was channel of traveling in Kompas TV! damn, Indonesia is beautiful, the channel tempted me much to move my butt!
with very limit money (from 'relations' temporary funds), I contacted my very super duper lovely friend, Siska! She lived in Surabaya city, i missed her much and my heart said, 'this is it Deb! Move your butt and enjoy the life, FLY TO SURABAYA!!'
Move your Butt, and enjoy Life!
Me & Siska :) @ship to back to Surabaya from Madura

We are beautiful!! :D

Thank you Siska for buying 'National Milk'!!

Siska @Mesjid Cheng Ho (Cheng Ho Mosque), a mosque with Tiong Hoa / Chinese Muslim nuanced

We were in 'Museum Kapal Selam' / Submarine Museum

Siska, Me and my ugly cousin :p

Lovely Siska :*

@Kenjeran Beach - kyaaa Dinosaurs!!
port @Tanjung Perak surabaya

Run Siskaaaa!!
@Heroes monument - Tugu Pahlawan

Background of Heroes statues when they wanted to be free from colonialist

@Cheng Ho Mosque

Cheng Ho's ship saiing from China

1st Catholic Church in Surabaya

Near area of 'Patung Budha 4 wajah' - 4 faces Budha statue
@Jembatan Merah- Red Bridge, a symbol of historical monument in Surabaya

Jembatan Suramadu - Bridge to connect Surabaya city and Madura city @Daylight, this bridge a toll road

Suramadu Bridge @Night in Motorcycle road

Nasi Campur - Mixed Rice

Recommended Resto by Siska, you will get huge portion of Fried Rice, noodles, i bet you willnot walk easily after eating there! lol (anyway, the outlook of the resto, very so so, but will be surprise with the foods!)

Nasi Telur and Kerupuk

Sausage @24 hours resto

Drinking Sugar cane!

Got very cheap Beer at another 24 hours resto!! Yippie! Siska and i shared many stories till 2 a.m and after drank those bottles (only me), i drove motorcycle to home!

hoho.. i am sorry reader,
all the pictures lot of my self! i was in syndrome narcism! :p

Thank you so much Siska, Fen Fen, My cousin - Ryan
i got very nice days there!
Hugs Siska!


  1. She looks more beautiful, u look nduddd wkwkwkkw.. Kidding say, cantik kalian ber 2... pic terakhirnya koq itu, errrrrr......wkwk