Monday, December 23, 2013

December 2013

Curiosity @Cakuang Temple

What i have been through till this end of the year, 2013?
 Lot of things has happened to me, very colorful stories, meet up with variety conditions, causes and effect of my subconscious. I remember, i wrote in my 2013 notebook about my resolution for this year, many silly things come out, almost of them haven't been realized yet, lit bit disappointed. Now, almost end of year, the sign of my age will be growing up! Number, i will face that number, i try not to care about it, hope so. 
 Well, thank you universe still allow me to taste many bittersweet feelings, 

 - Resigned from first company where i have worked for 2 years 6 months,
 - traveling to Central Java island Yogyakarta


 Got new job in new challenge company, BDM. I got very very nice super duper environment in this co.
Narcism @office!
BDM's Team

 -i can't remember the good things has passed me-
 but i was still alive in this month!

- Journey to Ancient site! Padang Mountain,The Journey!
 Step my feet in other side of Indonesia,
Story when i was in S'pore
Singapore preparation
Sri Mariamman, China Town, Singapore

China Town area

Singapore Flyer

@Santosa Island, Thank you Jeff for hosting me!

Let Air Asia took me flying ~~
@Batu Cave, Malaysia

Thank you Nic, for hosting me!

Unique Apartment View!

@Malaysia Museum - we are in silence...

 Played with ex college, Sinta Mingle with Locals in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Thank you Sintaaa for nice moments with you, your gift and your kindness!

- Resigned from BDM -> looking for passion, but hell, jobless was suck!
- Took photo session in 3D Museum Trick Art Museum, it is cool!
- Congratulation to you my dearest sister, chacha.. best wishes for you!
My sweetie pie!

Bachelor of Visual Communication Design

 - Central Java again, as a jobless human! Enjoying Temples!
 - Meetup with new nice friend, Jeffè!
Nice to meet you, jeffè :P

Prambanan Temple

Sewu Temple

Ijo Temple
 - Guide nice Arabian guy to Puncak

Fruits @Traditional market

Hotel View, many bamboo trees

Traditonal market

Playing with Rabbits!!

 - Went to Surabaya city, met up with my lovely friend, Siska. Long time no see you Siska, all i know, you still very kind hearted person. Surabaya's story
Suramadu Bridge, so honor can took pic there, if police knew we stop to take pic, they will take me to the jail! haha..

Lunch @Madura, Seafood Time! Thank you for treating me Fen2 & Siska!

We're in Sampora cigarette Museum

 - Meet up offline with lovely online friend from China! Ding! we met up online in in July 2003 and met up offline in Jakarta in September 2013! The power of Internet connection! yippie.. glad you are here baby! 
Devil Pose @Kota Tua

Me, Cha, Ding @Kota Tua Station

Ghost @Kota Tua!

 - Bali time for my mother Bali's moment!
 i like to sharing about this story, because it will motivate me to go anywhere else to take my mom into! Hope you can be happy with my sillines mom :) , because i always be happy with you :)
Hey Mama!

OMG, Mama!! why do you always play water like kiddo?! hahaha

Kecak Dance @Uluwatu, Bali

We are sweet! LOL! @Tirta Empul, Bali

Seafood again! @Jimbaran Beach, Bali

Me, cha, Mama :)
- Met up with stranger who become good friend now, thank you Tono for Pizza and many nice moments! See ya next time.

 - Got new job, BM
 - Guided a tourist who become good friend now, Thank you David for encourage me to live my dream! Thank you for many lesson you have given to me too.
@Istiqlal Mosque

Swimming @Tidung island

Taste The real Indonesia's Coffee, Luwak Coffee - Luwak = Chivet

Visiting Tea Plantation

Curug - Waterfall in Puncak

Thank you David for this lovely songs! Joe is talented!

 work- work- work- paid some loans- work- work- work- still any loans again :( - so work- work- work-

 - went to Ancol beach with daddy, cha, Ding

- Went to Galungung mountain (Galungung posting) and visit many traditional villages!
Galungung!! I'm with you!

Sweetie pinky flower @Galunggung Mt.

@Dragon village

There is only 108 houses in Dragon village

Going to Pulo village with Kayak!!


- My day
Anas sent me this pic via Line :) dont worry Nas, i will call u for some treating! Haha

Many thanks for wishing me my beloved friends and family. Thanks Mba' Nunuk to take me to dance all night! I went out from 7.30 pm-5.30 am with you!! Aww, crazeeee~~~~ haha.. also, thanks for the gifts, lipstick with new color for me and the blush on!! I'm  blusing now, many people are so kind to me! :">

That's my 2013!! The longest posting i ever made!! LOL
Cheers for 2014!! 

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