Sunday, December 8, 2013

Galunggung Mountain

traveling to Galungung Mountain!
a mountain in Tasikmalaya city, West Java that ever erupted 3 times and the last eruption on 1982 for 9 months till 1983! It has made map changing because the lava fulfilled river and villages nearby! The elevation is 7154 feet, how to get there? climb more than 480 stairs :)
Stairways to the earth!

I was there at 4 a.m, waiting the sun to face the earth, but too bad it was cloudy and closed sun to smile upon my face, it was really ok, when i could see around me clearly! Green! Green! Green!
Asked the darkness to leave.

Can you imagine, whole lava puked to the earth and remain the green crater there

Journey through Black sand

peek the creater

Greeny grass


so cooool !! (the place and fresh air)
Gone with the Wind!


  1. Aq mao ijo2nya hahahaha...tu kawahnya apik ya.. Km kyk mau camping aja deb :p

    1. diajak ga mau -___-" , sekarang minta ijo2?!
      saya mau camping, kamu mau drawing kan :D

  2. The stairway " first picture " take you to haven or drag you hell
    ,,Nice place .. when is my turn to enjoy like you ?


    1. Hey Tono,

      you have anytime to enjoy! and only you who know when is the right time.

  3. Replies
    1. Hey Ana!!!
      haha iya gunungnya kereeen...
      apa kabar jeng, anakmu imut sekaliii.. boleh dicubit tanpa batas? :p