Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Puncak to Cibodas!

in Cisarua
Yippieeee! Mamamiaaaa.. guess where else our feet (habibi's & mine) went through? Jakarta - Puncak - Cibodas!! 
Indeed, runaway from bad air in Jakarta, searched cool, fresh air to Puncak by bus to Ciawi with APTB Bus, 14,OOO IDR, then changed to mini bus to Puncak area.
Haha.. on Bus for "Gone with the wind" mood..
Rain accompanied us.. yeaah..perfecto
Sooo hungry! And we decided to eat in KFC
Again, hungry morning, but our tiny comfy hotel prepared good Nasi Goreng to us. Thx Mirda Gratia Hotel, not a bad idea we exteded another night there.
Villa @Cisarua
Beautiful trumpet flowers
Children are playing
We started using minibus to Cianjur area, walked, walked...
@Puncak (The Peak)
Surrounding with Tea Plantation, feels like have free body & soul..
in very cooool weather, you need to warm your self

Then we continued our journey to Cibodas from Pondok Indah Hotel, our goal was "Kebun Raya Cibodas"- Cibodas Botanical Garden, haha.. we walked for 2.5 hours, could you imagine? From very excited till very pathetic :D (except him, he has double power in his self)
Stay together
Let's Run
Another cute Villa 
Meeting Moo...
I like this tree, mystical, different and tough.
Wallah.. after walking like crazy, we arrived in Cibodas botanical garden, very beautiful! Your eyes will be greeny.. all you can see only plants, grass, flowers, WOW!
Admiring White Lotus in the pond
Direction searching waterfall... hmm..
Yeaah.. we found the treasure!!!
Whooaaa.. pristine from the earth
Someone hiding behind on giant leaf! Hoho..
Algae on tree's root
Another Big Tree! My first time saw tree from Brazil, Araucaria Angustipolia A. Rich (Arauc.) . Wow.. i like it! It was like we were in Dinosaur era, haha..
Beautiful guest house in that garden... so calm and peace.
Yeaayyy.. those photos told our story searching fresh air to West Java, wonderful Journey depended on technology, GPS! Haha..
Thanks for reading! Have great days pal..


  1. WOW.. that guy very lucky to go with you in such trip

    1. Haha.. naah..
      I'm the one who say so, so lucky he was with me :D

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