Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Home Town Foodies

I am back to home town, Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia. a small, quite and peaceful city that become a place for me to hide from rush.

What i missed from this place, i could say the foodies, my tongue get used with Indonesian foods especially Javanese food. When i stayed in Australia a year ago, nothing else wants me to back to home town only the food.... i am a zombie .... crawling of foooooddddd...

Zombies eating the balls? haha.. the balls were made by tapioca flour and ketchup dressing, as simply as that!
 My papa tried to peel Bali Oranges , i would give the explanation through wikipedia , in English called Pomelo.
Ignore his fatty tummy! Jezz.. haha

No. no.. it is not a heart of human body or even a BRAIN, it's part of Bali Orange, fresh from our garden. Yum!
here we go the explanation about what i ate :P
Finally, i want to show you "Nasi Gurih Ayam Pojok", In English "Tasteful Chicken Rice Which the Shop in the Corner", damn English could you be simply like Indonesian. haha..  This particular breakfast only can be found in the corner of Salatiga City only at 6.30 am-9 a.m, oh could you imagine what time i should set my alarm to get this special foodie? bahaha...

Nasi Ayam Pojok per portion less than US$1

Simply tiny place in the corner of the city, but it is like hidden treasure you know ;)

Peek a boo with the granny named Mul
Granny Mul (the owner of "Nasi Gurih Ayam") who has sold since 28 years. wow.. but her place still tiny like that, why? 
wondering why KFC already has many branches ? Maybe coz KFC already 87 years. Ok Granny Mul, you need to be patient to have many branches :P


  1. hi Miss Debby i like your story, very nice. miss you...