Saturday, November 4, 2017

Sia Back to The Past

Sia, her head back to the past when she visits a house, the house gives many memories.
The memories bring her to some stories behind things she sees.
She sits in the white line chair, the chair has the past time warmness moments.
She stands in the backyard, the yard had some movements before.
She enters to the chicken smell kitchen, it was the best part of the house that has bread aroma.
The bed where she sleeps very peace now, it used to have creaky shaky sound that Sia proud of.
Sia's heart begs to head to cease back to the past, please.. the sense is over..
Sia prefers to be amnesia than the past if she could make a wish to the universe.

*don't bother, my mood because of rain making weirdo melodrama words
Happy weekend -2 months to 2018!

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