Saturday, February 2, 2013

12th bites of couple mosquitoes at 12 am

My night sleeping beauty was distrubed by couple of mosquitoes. I was dreaming about rush, chaos and war because of their 12 bites on me at 12 am.
This situation, reminds me again to Mr On Off.
Who is him?
I really love to write about him this year, I hope I can finish stories about him with happy ending section. Pheww.
Whenever I awake because of mosquitoes, he always there and will say something that for me it's cute, "Hey you know, one of that mos. is me, the naughtiest one, please dont kill him". Aww...
Where is he? I have no idea, he is the mysterious one that I love the way he was talking, caring by words that full of sweetness and sexiness but till now, he just no face, plain.
Where we have met before? Ofcourse, anywhere else except very nice Y! Messenger, I am chatting Geek! Oh Boy.
He is too sweet to be forgotten but too bitter to be reminded.
See ya Mr On Off, will be next chapter to explain why he got called as it. Lol.
Happy weekend.

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