Sunday, February 3, 2013

Got white hair AGAIN

Got up at 5 am, talking lit bit w French guy that make me realize that all men have same needed and almost same convo. :)
When I looked at the mirror to see how cute I am, hahhaa.. I found out a WHITE HAIR!! Woot woot.. Lol
See.. Im gonna be granny right now..
That little hair hit me up, Hello Elisabeth Theresia Debby Iriani, you are old enough to do Great great things on your life, never waste it. Go meet your Mr Right, traveling around the world, do more charity by become richer.
Thanks God for the spirit you give to me always.
I can make it..
Lol could you imagine, only white hair could change your self so fast?! Its more than slap on my cheek. Keep moving guys!! Life only once. Get up and smile to any white hairs, tell them, Welcome and I am ready!!

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