Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Today I got very fantastic moment until I couldn't help to write it fast. I think all have arranged well by God cs.
Started from office, busy with learning products till made me sleepy, bought food for lunch and very less money in my wallet coz of it and an office boy came to me and offered his kind to take me to Bank to get some money.
Worked plain and very heavy rain came and my dad called, he said flood would come again because this rain just like strom.
Time to go home, in front of office have fulled by stuck cars, very uncommon. Ofcourse Jakarta, terrific traffic jam. I choosed to walk more to bus TransJakarta shelter, but you know what have happened? The shelter has been closed, no bus. Stuck because flood at Bundaran HI.
So, I back on the way to office again would wait mini bus, mikrolet no. M 08. But, see all full of man there. Noone of that M 08 was empty.
I texted my office's friend, none response. Alright, kept walking while rain fallin' and my jacket almost wet.
Then, I just walked and no destination, so I decided to go to Church. I talked to Him while I was listening music from my Experia. I just felt guilty because anything have happened to me, might be cause my naughtiness or what.
Accidentaly, a man with green raincoat stopped at me and said more or least, "ojeg?" (driver motorbike).
I shocked for seconds and smile, "OJEG?!"
Then I said where my location and asked how much the cost, he confused and said, "30? Lah berapa?" (30 IDR, or how much?)
Wow, I shocked more, he is not real ojeg driver, he just like Guardian Angel for me, even I asked 25 for very long away journey with terrific traffic jam and heavy rain also, and he said YES for 25. Wow!
When I sat at that motorbike, I just smiled and laugh. Its really like fate. All have arranged well, how if at first time I said NO to the office boy? No money, will cry.
I feel so happy till now, while traffic jam, this driver so smart ride his motorbike, he is handsome too, idk felt accidentaly in love with him too hahaha.. I passed thousand cars behind and fight with water on the road. Wow!! I just happy with this moment. I feel so lucky because I speak to Him and He heard me and have sent me that guardian angel, Mr ojeg.
I know, it is fate. Everything have been arranged, and will be beautiful at the right time.
Love this night.
Thanks God cs for today's lesson.

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