Thursday, February 21, 2013

Practicing How to Present

Voila, here I am.
For a week I was thinking, wondering, doubting about my new co. Like:
Is it my way to join here?
Am I right?
What else I have to do? I dont want to be jobless and poor! So, I have picked this offering.
Should I resign after probation?
Should I look for other jobs?
And after next a week, I have tried to follow the flow and rules,
I am surviving even still have doubts inside.
I am in my probation for 3 months,
I have to be the best.
I have to know the business process,
I have to know lot of products of that Brand, 3 letters Brand ^^
I have to do presentation too.
I thought I could do that easily about presentation, in fact my tounge just like waving, mistakes everywhere. Haha..
Stressful? Yes
But I am enjoying it,
I have to be expert, coz I manage my self to study till 12.30 am from 9.30 pm, by doing study study study breath study study practice presentation study study breath prasentation slides more more!!
And the reward will be sweet oatmeal or yummy egg noodles..
Keep cheer up guys

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