Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Need Connection

mY mind and heart don't work well again.
wHat i want to do, seem it is only planning, not done yet.
hEart and mInd, what's wrong with you guys?
pLease be friends again,
dO collaboration,
i Haven't seen any creativeness you both done.
dO you both need cable to connect your relationship again?

to find my cable,
i need to read motivation quotes,
i read Positivity blog by email, the author is Hendrik, here the story,

I was working harder. But I needed to work smarter too.

So one day, from somewhere at the back of my mind, an odd idea that I had
stumbled upon at some point tumbled forward into the center of my head.

That idea was to grab my old orange egg-timer to find a better balance between
fully focused work and focused rest.

I honestly didn't think it would work that well. But I gave it a few tries.

And I was surprised.

By setting the timer for 45 minutes of fully focused work with no distractions I
was able to get more done in less time.

And by then setting the timer for 15 minutes of full rest when I took a walk orwatched half an episode of the Simpsons I could truly relax and recharge.

If you want to try this and 45 minutes of fully focused work feels or becomes too
much at first then just set the timer for 15 minutes and make a dent in one of
those tasks you have been procrastinating on. Then set the timer for a 15 minute

Or just set it for 5 minutes of fully focused work.

During the time that timer is ticking away make a promise to yourself that you
will only focus at the task at hand. Nothing else for this short period of time. And
as soon as the bell rings you can go and do or think about something else. 

A positive side-effect of using the egg-timer has been that I have become better at
splitting up work time and rest time in general too. I think very little about work
during evenings or weekends for example. And so I feel more rested and less
worried or stressed when a new work day or work week dawns.

If you aren't getting enough of importance done or you feel drained at the end of
your day and week then give this a try. Like me you may be surprised by the

from that story,
i Think my cable to get connection all things gonna be okay, is manage time and enjoy life.

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