Friday, June 28, 2013

Night at The Museum

I love unique events, this event was so unique for me, from the Community named Komunitas Historia Indonesia, Community of Indonesian's History.
When every weekend, people choose to go to Mall or clubbing at night, this community asked people to know better of history through museum!
Night at Museum!

i love the idea!
so, i was be Wind!
i registered for a week before the event was held, and very lucky me to be chosen person to be there (fyi, this event was limited edition, when you registered, you had to write your motivation why you the community had to choose you :D )

here some photos i have captured from 'Bank Indonesia Museum'
Museum Bank Indonesia

Beauty Building
Great Lovely Museum at Night
A Photo in Exhibition

An Painting Exhibition

Petite Me!
i met new friends from this event, and i got someone to take pic of me. haha.. that's what i needed!

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